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Your seminar hotel near Vienna

Space for new perspectives

Culture and nature form an inspiring combination in and around Reichenau. Easily accessible and at the same time surrounded by soothing tranquillity, convincing ideas mature here at the gates of the austrian capital Vienna. 8 excellently equipped seminar rooms with individually adaptable seating arrangements offer possibilities for conferences with up to 300 people. We do not lack for space. The largest seminar room measures 300 m2, which provides our guests with sufficient space. For smaller meetings, our rooms start at 29 m2. Ground-level entrances, the 90 m2 terrace and direct access to the spacious garden ensure freedom of design. Our seminar packages and comprehensive service ensure that you can concentrate entirely on the essentials.

Seminarraum Mahler
max. Seats 300Details
{$seata}120 SEATS
{$seatb}50 SEATS
{$seatc}30 SEATS
Seminarraum Freud
max. Seats 80Details
{$seata}30 SEATS
{$seatb}80 SEATS
{$seatc}60 SEATS
Seminarraum Waldmüller
max. Seats 36Details
{$seata}16 SEATS
{$seatb}36 SEATS
{$seatc}24 SEATS
Seminarraum Kokoschka
max. Seats 30Details
{$seata}12 SEATS
{$seatb}30 SEATS
{$seatc}20 SEATS
Seminarraum Waissnix
max. Seats 42Details
{$seata}18 SEATS
{$seatb}42 SEATS
{$seatc}26 SEATS
Seminarraum Nestroy
max. Seats 60Details
{$seata}22 SEATS
{$seatb}60 SEATS
{$seatc}34 SEATS
Seminarraum Schnitzler
max. Seats 60Details
{$seata}22 SEATS
{$seatb}60 SEATS
{$seatc}34 SEATS
Seminarraum Wittgenstein
max. Seats 15Details
{$seata}8 SEATS
{$seatb}15 SEATS
{$seatc}10 SEATS
Seminarraum Napoleon
max. Seats 18Details
{$seata}10 SEATS
{$seatb}18 SEATS
{$seatc}15 SEATS

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