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Marienhof is the ideal place for team-building activities near Vienna.

We are confident: Happy people do good business. That's why starting from May 1st, we are launching innovative team-building activities designed to help participants work even better as a team and enhance well-being and self-confidence.


Explore our new activities and return from this experience feeling rejuvenated!


We are also happy to design your personalized team-building experience in the seminar room, tailored to the needs of your team.


Cocoa Ceremony

An ancient ceremony has found its way back into modern times. What indigenous peoples once used for heart detoxification and opening the mind is now helping teams strengthen feelings of togetherness and mutual trust.

Procedure: At the beginning of the session, the team, along with the facilitator, agrees on the team's goal and creates the appropriate atmosphere. Subsequently, the team brews and drinks cocoa together. This is not your ordinary cocoa; it's a raw, Peruvian cocoa that offers an unusual tasting experience, far from the usual concept of the beverage. Following this, a relaxation phase ensues, thanks to the cocoa inducing a meditative state. Guided by the facilitator, participants engage in meditation focusing on the collectively agreed-upon goal.


At the end of the ceremony, participants discuss their personal experiences, thereby reinforcing mutual trust.

Breathe, Bond, and Grow: Discover New Strengths with the Wim Hof Technique and Tummo

There are a few simple methods to enhance concentration, well-being, and reduce stress. Through a combination of targeted mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and cold exposure inspired by the "Ice Man" Wim Hof and the "Tummo" meditation technique, the team achieves greater awareness, newfound strength, and fosters personal growth.

No practice without theory. At the beginning of the session, the trainer introduces the fundamentals of the Wim Hof-style breathing technique and explains the physiological processes in detail. Based on this knowledge, the breathing exercises are then carried out in a relaxed atmosphere. In the second phase, the trainer explains the benefits of targeted cold exposure. The knowledge is then put into practice, and those who wish can immerse themselves in an ice bath, enduring the cold for a minute, while other participants provide encouraging support for mental warmth. This enhances team spirit and mutual support.

At the end of the session, participants are invited to enjoy a hot beverage, where they learn how to continue applying these methods in their daily lives.


Getting fit and strong together so that everyone can pull their weight at their best. In our team workouts, a combination of fitness and teamwork, each participant achieves a strong sense of accomplishment. Each team member, with their strengths and weaknesses, is an integral part of the group. The workouts help bring out the best under pressure and achieve the ideal result.

Participants work together in groups of 2 to 4 people throughout the entire session. Each team can only progress to the next exercise if the previous one has been successfully completed together. A team is only as strong as its weakest link. Depending on the individual fitness of the participants, the exercises are tailored and include a mix of activities such as push-ups or medicine ball throws. Accompanied by our trainer and, of course, with motivating music, endorphins naturally kick in – like at a party, only better!

Wellbeing at Workplace-Workshop

More wellbeing, resilience, and motivation in the workplace – it's possible! In this workshop, participants learn helpful tips and tricks for a balanced and stress-free life, and how to implement them with small changes in the workplace.

Body, mind, and soul are the three essential components for a healthy life. With an introduction to workplace well-being and practical hands-on activities, participants discover how to use these tools to enhance their overall wellbeing. The workshop begins by conveying the fundamentals of a healthy diet and how to incorporate it into daily life. Moving on to the second part, it focuses on physical activity and integrating exercise into the office routine. Finally, in the third part, the focus shifts to mental health, addressing how to recognize and effectively cope with stress and anxiety using proven methods.

Throughout the workshop, everyday situations at the workplace are discussed and analyzed based on the participants' specific work environments. At the end, participants receive a selection of M-Balance meals and additional resources to help enhance their overall wellbeing.

Treasure Hunt

Teams must explore all of Reichenau to find 10 clues and solve 10 challenges along the way. The fastest team wins.

Duration: 2 hours

Price per person: €39


The classic puzzle game in a charming English bar. The team that guesses the most wins.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person: €19

Treasure Hunt with Charades

Similar to the regular treasure hunt, there are 10 clues and 10 challenges. However, at the end, the treasure can only be found by solving a Charades puzzle together, revealing the map to the treasure.

Duration: 3 hours

Price per person: €49


A full hotel, and in the midst of it, a murder. The team must collectively figure out who committed the murder, with which weapon, how, and why.

Duration: 2 hours

Price per person: €30

Gel Blaster Capture the Flag

Similar to paintball but without pain and mess. Two teams compete using bio water pellets, aiming to steal the flag of the opposing team. The faster team wins. All of this takes place in the historical Marienhof garden.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person: €59

Dine, mix and mingle

A three-part cocktail mixing course as the perfect companion to your team dinner. After each course, a cocktail is mixed and enjoyed in small, ever-changing teams. This enhances the atmosphere and adds more dynamism to the dinner.

Duration: as long as the dinner lasts

Price per person: €59

Teambuilding Complements

A selection of ice-breakers, competitions, and cooperation activities that can be done indoors without the need for equipment. Designed to strengthen the team.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person: €20

Guided Hike

A guided hike starting directly from the hotel towards Thalhof through Reichenau. The route includes crossing roads, meadows, and forests.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person: €20

Cultural Hike

A stroll through Reichenau and its surroundings with historical insights into each location.

Duration: 1 hour

Price per person: €15

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