History meets the present

In the early year 1789 begins the history of today's Marienhof, which at that time was still a one-story building with 2 guest rooms and a straw bed. Throughout the ages, the house has been expanded and has been a place of creativity and creative break for numerous renowned guests from the very beginning.

Since the decisive enlargement in 1889 by Josef Fischer, the business was run as a hotel under the name of its owner and was completely rebuilt in 1895 by the master builder August Böhm from Vienna. Equipped with its own water and gas system, the Hotel Fischer attracted in those years not only domestic and foreign high aristocrats, but also famous poets and popular actors.

In the first half of the 20th century, the hotel was used as a military hospital and subsequently fell into disrepair until it finally shone in new splendor under the name Hotel Marienhof after its reconstruction in 1978. Many reconstruction and renovation works later, the Marienhof is precisely because of its long history the vintage hotel at the gates of Vienna and with its charming architecture and the charm of the Wilhelminian period now more of the leading hotels in the region.

Inspiration between culture and natureFamous guests at the Marienhof

Landscape painters, literary figures, philosophers - they all felt at home at Marienhof throughout the centuries. Spent their summer retreats here, were inspired by the landscape, roamed through the shady garden and enjoyed the unique atmosphere.

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