Charming natural meeting place

Hiking, biking and more in Lower Austria near Vienna

Learn actively and enjoy in the Vienna Alps

The Vienna Alps are an impressive natural landscape and there are numerous opportunities to discover their diversity. Here, between Vienna's two local mountains, Schneeberg and Rax, and the Semmering, which forms the natural border between Lower Austria and Styria, stretches a true hiking, biking and active paradise that makes the heart of endurance sports enthusiasts beat just as fast as that of leisurely nature lovers. Take the Rax cable car up to the high plateau of the Raxalpe to explore magnificent panoramic trails, challenging via ferratas or the Rax Alpine Garden, work out in winter on the prepared natural snow slopes far away from the hustle and bustle of winter tourism, or take the whole team white-water paddling, to the bike park on the Zauberberg or to the roller rink. This gives teambuilding a whole new dimension.

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